Concrete Flower: 110518: Rain

I’m a little bit sad that my first week of freedom is all rain and grayness, but I am taking the time to read books and just chill. I’m also wearing jeans and hats like every day, since I couldn’t do that during those office-years. Yay!

Concrete Flower: 110518: Rain

/// velvet blazer, super old, bought somewhere in Chicago /jeans, H&M / hat, very old H&M / scarf, Pia Anjou / boots, vintage ///

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2 Responses to RAIN, RAIN & MORE RAIN

  1. You are so beautiful! I like how you write and see. It’s whimsical, insightful, and confident — a really heady mix!

    I met Marc @ Johnson & Johnson, and found you through his FB. Really pleased to be in touch!

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