Concrete Flower: 110530: Endless Summer

Miami is one long Endless Summer, just what I needed last week. Then, when I get back to NYC, it’s summer here too, yay! Happy Memorial Day everyone, may this summer be warm, endless and filled with lots of picnics and backyard parties.

Concrete Flower: 110530: Endless Summer

These new Minnetonka boots will be with me for a very long time, I just have a feeling…

Concrete Flower: 110530: Endless Summer

/// tank from F21 / old Levi’s 501 DIY cutoffs / scarf, it’s a mystery / mood, silly ///


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2 Responses to ENDLESS SUMMER

  1. Seb says:

    Your are lucky to have an endless summer. We have been having an endless winter in the Pacific NW. We seem to have had only a couple of days of 70 degrees so far.

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