Concrete Flower: 110531: Defying Gravity

Before I moved to a different neighborhood (and, with that, different gym) in NYC I used to go to the Anti-gravity Yoga class at Crunch every weekend. It’s such a great way to relax and stay centered (nothing like the threat of falling and smashing your face on the floor to keep that focus!). When I saw that they had it at my old gym in Miami, I just had to go (and dragged a brave, unsuspecting friend with me).

Concrete Flower: 110531: Defying GravityConcrete Flower: 110531: Defying GravityConcrete Flower: 110531: Defying Gravity

Here’s a demonstration of a kick-up-back-flip kind of thing. It’s fun to just let go! I’m not sure if I would call this yoga, though, it’s more like a combination of aerial acrobatics and a great core strength workout.

Concrete Flower: 110531: Defying Gravity

The downsides, the hammock really puts a lot of pressure on your body, which can be very uncomfortable, and if you’re not used to all the hanging upside down (or haven’t done it in a while, like me) you can get a bit of a nauseating headache.

Check out this Deco Drive (oh, how I miss your fluffy entertainment “news”) segment, filmed at Crunch Miami, where these photos were taken.

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