Concrete Flower: 110117: Livia / Prophetik

Her husband won a Golden Globe (Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama) last night, but Livia Firth is the one to really bring it home on the red carpet. She has challenged herself to only wear sustainable fashion in all her public appearances, and you can follow her journey on her Green Carpet Challenge blog.

The dress was designed by Jeff Garner of Prophetik and made from Tussah silk (more commonly referred to as Peace Silk) — which does not kill the silkworm in the process, unlike normal silk. There’s a bit too much gathering at the waist for my taste, but I think it suits Livia gorgeously, and that’s the point. I do love how the color of it changes with the lighting.

Concrete Flower: 110117: Livia / Prophetik

On the Green Carpet Challenge blog, Livia writes:

Where do you stand on silk worms? I have to say I’m not overly moved by the “cruelty” issue with conventional silk — they are just worms, or am I being heartless? But what I do love is that it is produced without the chemicals and waste inherent in normal silk production. It also gives a stunning lustre.

So add to this eco silk some hemp and we have a truly hippie fibre. And even more exciting (I think!) Jeff has revived natural indigo dyeing. He’s even grown his own Indigo Plant which takes us back to the 1800s, before someone discovered a synthetic substitute which resulted in destroying rural Indian economies — where natural indigo had sustained people for generations.

The thing I really appreciate about Jeff is that he thinks very deeply about problems in the fashion chain such as the heavy chemical pollution associated with dyeing and comes up with a considered response. His understanding of ecologically intelligent fabrics and processes is as extraordinary as his respect for the natural world.

Concrete Flower: 110117: Livia / Prophetik

What’s not to love there?

Top two photos via the Green Carpet Challenge blog, bottom photo via

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