Concrete Flower: 101030: Halloween Prep

Halloween is a good excuse to pull out a pearl necklace and one of those masks that are hiding in my closet

Concrete Flower: 101030: Halloween Prep

Even if you’re dressing up as one, vampire breath is never cool. So, brush your teeth, kids!

Concrete Flower: 101030: Halloween Prep

Where am I going with this? You’ll see the full costume tomorrow.

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4 Responses to HALLOWEEN PREP

  1. Lisa Arias says:

    You’re so beautiful, Jo… Hope all is well with you in NYC. I love reading your blog… so many amazing tips and ideas. Keep it up!!! Love…

    • Thank Lis! I’m doing very well in NYC! So glad to hear you’re reading my blog. I miss you Miami-peeps, especially now that it’s getting cold and dark here! :-) How are things with you? Love love..

  2. Joel says:

    Du borde köra på den sminkningen jämt, du är skitsnygg :D

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