Concrete Flower: 101202: Louboutin Ecotrash

Christian Louboutin’s ecotrash pump is back. This time with a peep-toe and leopard heel. Since it’s made from trash, each pair is one of a kind. All of them, however, have a 6″ (150mm) heel. Eco-sexy! Or, maybe not..?

Concrete Flower: 101202: Louboutin Ecotrash

I really wish the King of the Red Soles hadn’t decided to use PVC — there’s definitely nothing eco about that.

Like so many other times when mainstream fashion brands try to do the eco-thing, I’m torn. These shoes do make a good statement, but fall very short in the eco-credibility department. I guess, if you do decide to buy a pair (which will set you back, oh, $1095), make sure to wear them to all the important holiday parties you will be attending — to strike up conversations about our wasteful consumption habits. Just make sure your kids or dogs don’t chew on the toxic PVC…

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  1. Kent Björk says:

    Supernatural! COOL!!!

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