I started the day with cleaning up, since my aunt and uncle were arriving from Sweden later in the day. I foolishly said that I would pick them up at Newark Airport, without giving so much as a thought to the possibility of a traffic chaos. I left the house at 1pm, thinking I would be there at 1:45 (with little or no traffic it’s a 25-minute trip). Three hours later, I finally rolled up in front of the terminal. What a terrible host!

Concrete Flower: 101127: My Thanksgiving

On top of that, we had had no time to cook a turkey or do any of that Thanksgiving stuff, so we went out for a very non-traditional meal at Aurora in Williamsburg. Very good, but we were all pooped, me from the stress of a four-hour traffic jam (three there + one hour on the way back, when I scared my Swedes by cutting through two lanes of traffic to get in the EZ Pass lane before the Holland Tunnel), they from good-old jet lag. After a refreshing stroll home, we slept very well. Turkey coma indeed — even though I didn’t eat any, I blame the bird!

Bad iPhone pics because I was so beat I forgot to put the memory card in the camera…

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