Concrete Flower: 101209: Blending In

I live in a very Hasidic Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn. This time of year there is a pair of Hasidic men standing on nearly every street corner, asking: “Excuse me, are you Jewish?” I’m not sure why they do this and why they even bother asking me since I, with my long (currently frizzy) hair and high heels, don’t look like I would, indeed, be Jewish.

Concrete Flower: 101209: Blending In

However, yesterday, when I wore this outfit, there was a sort of hopefulness in the young man’s voice as he asked: “Excuse me, are you Jewish?” I realized that it must have been because this skirt is the exact same length as those worn by the Hasidic women. I guess we cannot help being influenced by our surroundings.

Concrete Flower: 101209: Blending In

/// blouse, H&M, probably 7 years old / skirt and boots, vintage / belt, old one stolen from my sister / bracelets, gifts ///

To be continued… UPDATE: Blending In – Part 2

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