I’m going to preface this by stating that it will probably only be funny to New Yorkers. But let’s continue yesterday’s observation about being unwillingly inspired by my surroundings. It wasn’t just the skirt.

Concrete Flower: 101210: Blending In

The fur hat! Anyone who has been to a Hasidic Jewish neighborhood has probably seen the men wearing this kind of hat, called kolpik. I wonder if my neighbors find it offensive when someone like me, who is not rabbinic in any way, wear this kind of headgear?

Concrete Flower: 101210: Blending In

/// blouse, H&M, probably 7 years old / cardi, Marshall’s / skirt and boots, vintage / belt, old one stolen from my sister / bracelets, gifts / bag, Hayden-Harnett / scarf, BF bought in Japan ///

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