Had such a wonderful time in Hawaii. Needless to say, it was very hard to leave.

Concrete Flower: 110208: Rainbows & Malassadas

The last day, we had a nice breakfast under a big hau tree canopy and soaked up the last of the sun on the beach.

Concrete Flower: 110208: Rainbows & Malasadas

I was wearing my Heatherette unicorn shorts, an old pink tank from Luella and this new Roxy rainbow bikini that I scored on sale in a surf shop in Haleiwa.

Concrete Flower: 110208: Rainbows & Malasadas

After the beach, we headed to this place called Leonard’s, famous for it’s malasadas. The line inside was indeed long, with more locals than tourists — always a good sign.

Concrete Flower: 110208: Rainbows & Malasadas

Love the old-school neon and the pink box. Hate the cluster of mosquito bites on my right arm.

Concrete Flower: 110208: Rainbows & Malasadas

The malasadas tasted kind of like donuts to me, and the cinnamon ones were yummier than the plain sugar ones. We had two each, and were left with sugar all over our faces.

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