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Heritage brands, waterless dyes, upcycling, zero-waste pattern-making and the rise of open-source collaboration — topics I touch of in this article I wrote for the latest issue of Coco Eco Magazine (download a pdf here). As usual, I have more … Continue reading

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Why you should think twice before listening to anyone that does not have gray hair and wrinkles. Get the full story here.

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When unearthing the body of Ötzi, the Bronze Age man found perfectly preserved in the Italian Alps in the 90s, scientists found that for his last meal he had eaten an ancient species of wheat called einkorn. I’ve been dreaming … Continue reading

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I totally believe that all really good design is inherently sustainable. These hot bags are the first pieces from recently launched brand The Sway. They’re made from recycled leather scraps, factory leftovers from the production of other bags. Founder Belinda … Continue reading

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The planet is hot, yes. But guess what? Activism is even hotter! 10/10/10 was a big Global Work Party, organized by awesome non-profit Read my Goodlifer post about it here. In Port Elizabeth, South Africa, African Penguins, rehabilitated victims … Continue reading

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