Concrete Flower: 110224: Maleakahana

Bumming around Oahu in our ’78 Westfalia, we stayed at a few different campground. Our favorite, though, was Friends of Malaekahana, on the Windward side, near the North Shore.

Concrete Flower: 110224: Maleakahana

The first night, we decided to stay in a grass shack on the beach instead of our camper van, this was our view straight ahead…

Concrete Flower: 110224: MaleakahanaConcrete Flower: 110224: Maleakahana

…and to the left.

Concrete Flower: 110224: Maleakahana

Number 6—our little grass shack. I could totally live in one of these, if there was clothing storage and a bit more padding to sleep on.

Concrete Flower: 110224: Maleakahana

It was so peaceful to sit in there, listening to the sound of waves crashing in the beach. We had no cups and I was totally busted chugging wine straight from the bottle (thank god for screwtops), while reading a book.

Concrete Flower: 110224: Maleakahana

There are quite a few of these little shacks on the premises, as well as more “upscale” digs for those who are not into roughing it. The land is owned by the state and run by a non-profit, which makes staying here very affordable (something you don’t find a lot in Hawaii).

Concrete Flower: 110224: Maleakahana

This, my friends, is my idea of happiness—ocean view, peaceful surroundings, a good book, a glass (well, bottle) of wine and, most importantly, good company.

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4 Responses to MALAEKAHANA: ONE

  1. sarah marie says:

    Hi! I am about to book at little grass shack – we found your blog and the photos just take the mystery out of it. Looks like a great time. Do you have any tips now that you’ve been there before? Would love to know. Funny to find your blog this way – I really look forward to following it now for more than lil grass hut news :)

    • Hi Sarah Marie! I absolutely loved staying at Malaekahana, it’s affordable and very laid back. I don’t know what level of comfort you are used to, but it is very much roughing it, the bathrooms are public and there is no stores/restaurants etc within walking distance. Everything is clean, though, and best of all, there are hot showers! The grass shacks are awesome, but you may want to bring something to sleep on, since there is no bed/mattress or anything in there, it’s basically just a raised floor. You have to bring your own bedding etc. too. Another thing that may be a downside is that there is no driving allowed on the property after 7pm, which basically means you have to get back before then and spend your night there, which we loved (since you can make awesome campfires) but it may not be for everyone. My fiancé and I loved it though. Also, a big plus, the staff is super friendly and helpful.

  2. sarah marie says:

    Thanks for your advice/help. Booked a little grass hut for 6 nights in May! Can’t wait!!

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