It started out in the Mojave Desert, where I was nearly left in the dust, visited Pioneertown and 29 Palms, admired saloons and desert flowers. Back in Brooklyn I hung out by a truck farm and discovered Fultummy’s. I spent 21 hours in Dallas, with a stopover in Memphis. The world celebrated 10/10/10. Back in NYC, I saw friends on stage, took photos with apples, stepped in street goo, watched rain on my windows, biked in the sun, enjoyed a fall feast, did some community service, showed my face without makeup, admired the gorgeous colors of fall, and put on a lot of makeup for Halloween. I bought green boots and a coat, wore dad’s pants, old leopard and a scarf by mom, lusted for tie dye, bloomers, awesome shoes and fair trade fashion. I took issue with Vogue’s vague attempt at eco-fashion and raved about eco-chic NYC and stylish bags made from leather scraps.

Concrete Flower: 101102: My October

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