I was in New York the whole month, said goodbye to one group of visitors, vacuumed the house and soon welcomed another. I went to my first (and second) football game, a Broadway play, went touristing in Times Square, went to a Surf Bar and on an aimless walk. I had heaping nachos by a Christmas tree, custom cupcakes and a guacamole waiter. I wore my new Kånken backpack a lot, figured out how to blend in to my neighborhood, got a new winter hat, became friends with knitted tights, and wore a lot of hats and added to my collection of fluffy things. I got my face put on a calendar, lusted after the new Swedish Hasbeens, Louboutin’s eco-trash and things made from old tapes and bags made from recycled Swedish military fabrics. It was sunny and warm, then here was a huge blizzard and the aftermath was gorgeous. I went to a vernissage, bought a tree, blew a kiss under the mistletoe, celebrated Christmas with my family (and a lot of food), and rang in the new year with bubbly, lobsters and a great view from my roof.

Concrete Flower: 110103: My December

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